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Jewish Learning LAB

The Jewish Learning LAB offers opportunities for learners of all ages to
explore, experience, and connect with Jewish thought, practice, and beliefs.

Jewish Learning LAB

Experiment with Jewish life at the LAB.


LAB stands for Learning, Actualizing, & Belonging and reminds us of our three main goals: engaging our brains and hearts in Jewish study, putting what we learn into action, and connecting with each other in a caring and inclusive environment.

Each year, all TK-8th grade learners focus on a central theme intended to enrich their Jewish experience and bring meaning to their daily lives. Our day includes text study, music, dance, food, and hands-on projects.


3rd-7th grade students also connect with the language of our people, Hebrew, through a unique approach including
Hebrew Through Movement, small group study, and exploration of Jewish prayer. 


Learners of all ages are encouraged to participate in retreats, holiday celebrations, special Shabbat services, and other student based activities.

for High Schoolers

Our high school programs include the study of ethics, values, social justice, and peoplehood.


9th & 10th graders participate in our Kabbalat Torah (formerly known as Confirmation) program which includes weekly study with the Rabbi

and participation in the Religious Action Center's L'Taken program.


All high schoolers are welcome to join Sababa. Sababa meets weekly and offers opportunities to engage with our Rabbi and Educator to dive deeper into Jewish thought, discuss current events, explore "Jewish Adulting" and connect with other Jewish teens through our youth group, TISY, which is affiliated with NFTY (National Federation of Temple Youth).

Jewish Learning Lab
for Adults

Exploring Jewish life through a shared learning experience is a great way to connect with others. Each year a variety of courses are offered including text study, preparation for conversion, Israeli dancing, choir,

Hebrew and more.

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